At Illustra Pro, we go beyond just helping you meet your OSHA compliance requirements. Our goal is to ensure employers and workers have the education and tools necessary to maintain the highest level of safety during your daily operations.

Taught by experienced Navy Veterans, our trainers have been working in the maritime safety industry for years and know precisely your commercial and passenger vessel top safety vulnerabilities and training needs.

Our training classes cover health and safety, regulations, compliance, and more for:

  • OSHA 10 Maritime
  • OSHA 30 Maritime
  • Fire Watch Certification
  • Respiratory Fit Testing and Training


Illustra Pro offers both in-person classroom trainings, as well as live online webinars, providing flexible and convenient training options for you and your employees.

Our online webinars for  OSHA 10  and OSHA 30 Maritime trainings  are fully accredited by OSHA, taught by experienced OSHA outreach instructors approved to teach online. Webinar classes can be taken in the safety and comfort of your home office or  business  in any location, and OSHA Certification Cards will be mailed to any address in the US.

While OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 Maritime trainings can be taken online or in one of our classroom facilities, Fire Watch certification requires in-person training for OSHA compliance and in order to ensure attendees receive hands-on expertise and leave with a comprehensive, experiential understanding.

For the convenience of our maritime customers,  Illustra Pro has a local training facility near the shipyards in National City, California.